Legal translations, sworn translations and legalisations

With over 11 years of experience in translating legal texts, Lingua Jura is your partner par excellence for translating legal texts.

Our legal translation firm only delivers high-quality legal translations, sworn translations and legalisations.We translate your:

  • contracts
  • general terms and conditions
  • notices of default
  • notarial deeds
  • articles of association
  • minutes
  • press releases
  • subpoenas
  • trial briefs
  • judgements
  • annual reports
  • annual accounts
  • registration documents
  • memoranda
  • patents
  • licences
  • trademark applications
  • ...

Legal translations with professional knowledge and practical experience

Unlike most traditional translation firms, at Lingua Jura your legal documents are entrusted exclusively to lawyers/translators who have received thorough language training, most of whom also have several years of experience at the bar (in renowned law firms) or in the notarial profession. Thanks to this practical experience in and outside the courts, our lawyers and translators are able to interpret the complex style of legal texts and translate them in the desired language according to legally correct criteria.

All translations are made by lawyers/translators who are familiar with the subject matter (but without such translation work implying any legal advice) and checked by a native speaker. We are happy to take into account any preferences you have for specific terminology. If certain terms do not need to be translated or if you use specific translations for certain terms, you can let us know in advance. If the texts contain specific abbreviations, you are kindly requested to communicate their meaning. We would also like to receive any reference documents to support the legal translation work.

Review or proofreading of (translated) legal texts

Lingua Jura also handles reviewing or proofreading of your (translated) legal texts (but without such revision or proofreading work implying any legal advice). We carefully read and correct all your translated legal documents using the appropriate specialist lexicon and legal terminology.

Sworn and legalised translations

If legal translations need to be submitted to a (foreign) government agency, certification by a sworn translator and possibly legalisation by the Court of First Instance are often required.

Whether it concerns ordinary, sworn or legalised legal translations, Lingua Jura delivers the same quality legal translations. The difference therefore is not in the quality or content of the legal translations, but in the official character.

In the language pairs that Lingua Jura usually offers, we can provide the legal translations with an oath formula (official text) and have it certified and signed by a sworn translator in Belgium. If you wish, the sworn translator’s signature on the sworn translation can also be legalised by the Court of First Instance of his or her place of residence. The Court hereby confirms the authenticity of the sworn translator’s signature.

For additional legalisation and certification by Federal Public Services (government agencies), Embassies or Consulates, or the affixing of apostilles, Lingua Jura calls upon specialised service providers. Contact us for more information in this regard.

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