Practical information concerning the translation of legal documents

When having your legal documents translated by Lingua Jura, it is useful to know how to best deliver these files and how you prefer to receive them. Questions about delivery times or our rates? This information can be found below.

The Lingua Jura approach aims at meeting your specific wishes to the greatest extent possible. You always have one permanent contact person to whom you can go for all your questions, comments or special requests.

How to submit legal documents?

We prefer to receive your text as a Word file by e-mail. This is easiest for us. This also ensures that you will receive the legal translation in the same layout as the original text. In the absence of a Word file, you can also send us the text in a different format, for example in PDF format or scanned, by e-mail or by regular mail. Please do not send irreplaceable original documents by mail!

When will my legal translation be ready?

This depends on a number of factors. Of course the length of the text is important, and the subject, level of difficulty and language pair play a role, as does the availability of our lawyers/translators and native speakers.

The delivery times for legal translation assignments will be communicated to you at the time the translation assignment is confirmed.

If you have a specific deadline, we would be happy to discuss this and do everything possible to meet it. Our lawyers/translators and native speakers are extremely flexible in meeting your requirements.

How can I receive my legal translation?

We send regular legal translations by e-mail, but of course ordinary mail is also possible. Because a sworn translation is provided with an original signature from a sworn translator, we send it by ordinary mail (possibly registered) or if necessary by courier. On request, we can also deliver a digital version of a sworn and/or legalised translation.

How much does a legal translation cost?

For legal translations we apply a rate per word and calculate our quote based on the number of words in the text to be translated. We can offer a special rate for legal texts with much repetitions. A discount is possible for large legal translation assignments. In principle, a surcharge is charged for urgent assignments. However, this surcharge is discussed in advance and applied in consultation with the customer, depending on the availability of the relevant lawyer/translator and native speaker, and the urgency of the assignment (night work/weekend work).

We charge an hourly rate for reviewing and proofreading of existing legal translations.

Sworn translations and legalisation of legal translations are performed at a fixed flat rate.

There is no additional charge for your specific legal terminology.

Am I eligible for subsidies for my legal translation?

Contact us for possible subsidisation of your translation costs in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia.

Do you have a legal translation assignment for Lingua Jura?

Mail us your legal documents

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