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Meet Evelyne

Lingua Jura was incorporated in September 2009 by Evelyne Desmet.

Under the motto, « All we translate is legal », Evelyne ensures that her company, Lingua Jura, which has been based in Waregem since 2018, provides legal translations of the highest quality.

Do you want to find out more about Evelyne? If so, read on!

What did you study?

I have a Master in Romance Languages (French/Italian) and a Master in Law. When it was time to go to university, I was torn between two paths. In the end, I first followed my passion for languages, as my initial intention was to become a secondary school French teacher. During my internship, however, I quickly realised that I was not cut out for this profession. The time had therefore come to follow my second passion and I quickly realised that I enjoyed law enormously. Initially, I was thinking of doing a BA in Law and then, with the help of my language skills, entering the private sector and ultimately the finance sector. After warming to these studies, I finally decided to go the whole hog and I managed to obtain a Master in Law.

What previous professional experience do you have?

After obtaining my Master in Romance Languages, I took an oath to become a sworn translator in Dutch, French, Italian and English. That enabled me to earn a bit of money during my studies. During my last year at law school, I attended a job fair at the University of Ghent, where I met staff from the international business law firm Linklaters LLP, which is based in Brussels. I completed a three-year internship with them and really enjoyed doing this legal training. Finally, I worked as a lawyer at the Brussels Bar, specialising in Corporate law, Mergers and Acquisitions.

Why did you set up Lingua Jura ?

Lingua Jura allows me to combine my two passions: my passion for languages and my experience as a legal expert.

During my career as a lawyer, I often saw that translation work was not always done properly. It was striking to see that the translators I used during my time as a lawyer did not have the necessary legal skills and that was reflected in the quality of the translations. During my time at Linklaters LLP, I would often do translations and enjoyed it. I had already become a sworn translator during my studies, which meant that I could enter the profession immediately. My language and legal skills were therefore an ideal springboard into starting my own company!

Can you briefly explain Lingua Jura’s style ?

Our style is fairly streamlined and abstract, with blue, red and white representing the colours of the company. Our logo depicts a mouth, which alludes to speech as a means of expression. The lips form the letters L and J of Lingua Jura.

What has your experience been like after 10 years of legal translation at Lingua Jura ?

When I think back to my studies and my time as a lawyer, I am convinced that I made the right choice. The skills I acquired in the legal field are a help to me today.

Lingua Jura is a translation agency, which does not provide legal consultancy, but I do look at each translation through my ‘legal glasses’. When revising a translation, I can see very quickly whether it has been done by a lawyer/translator. It is really essential nowadays to provide quality translations. As in all sectors, deadlines are becoming ever tighter. And our field is no exception to that trend. We must therefore always pay great attention, as a single mistranslated word can completely alter the substance of a legal document!

Hence our motto: « All we translate is legal ».
The slogan, which is appended to our logo, epitomises our company and activity perfectly.

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